Rules and Prizes


  • Build your “Team” by selecting 2 from “A” Pool, 3 from “B” Pool, 4 from “C” Pool and 1 “Write In” (your write in is a batter who is not listed in the A,B or C pools). 
  • Winning teams will have the highest totals of home runs hit during the 2013 MLB regular season.  All extra “play-in” games to determine playoff spots/break divisional or wild-card ties are considered regular season games. 
  • Sheet and entry fee ($20) must be received on or before 3/31/13 for inclusion in the Derby.  Multiple entries permitted.  No late payment allowed for e-mail entry.  Any late sheets and/or payments will NOT be entered in the Derby, NO EXCEPTIONS
  • It is the team owner’s responsibility to properly fill out entry form.  Improper entries (too many players, incorrect picks, etc…) will not be entered in the Derby.  


  • Home Run totals for all updates will be taken from on day update is released. 



  • 19 of every 20 entry will go into the prize fund.  The other 1 will be an "Administration Fee."
  • Roughly 10% (including ties) of all entries will win.  Exact amounts will be released with the first update and will be based on the total entries and prize fund.